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2020 Chinese Lunar Calendar

All of which will come to a head in January The Pluto-Saturn conjunction will be exact meaning the two planets are at the exact same degree of the zodiac wheel from 5thth January and will also be joined by Mercury planet of communication and the sun on 12th and 13th January respectively. On these days, we can expect headline news in all the above areas of life, as world events reflect a fundamental evolutionary shift that is already well underway. As for how this will affect us individually? Now mark January as a time to put a solid new foundation for how you work and wield your personal power into place.

You can get even more specific with this when you learn to read your own birth chart, which is why we created the Numinous Deck.

Planetary Row

With the major transitions coming our way in , we can use all the help and guidance we can get! Like your boy. For the renter generation, living rooms provide an essential communal space to chat, eat, watch TV and crash out. Yet despite our love of and need for li. Remember how when we were kids, every year during the holidays, there was one toy — Tickle-Me Elmo, Furby, or that pink Barbie car — that was coveted b.

Around three months into a new job, a few years ago, while I was running a daily news conference, my editor-in-chief tried to convince me to write about so. You can be that kid!!! Saturn will also not only take the keys, Saturn will sell the car if you can't handle it. Saturn won't really put up with you doing C work if you are A capable.

January Astrology Predictions – Part One | Jessica Adams

So we get the first chance to get it right, then we get the second chance and then we get the third chance before we progress forward. God is Good folks.

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He is not giving us two or three chances just to mess with us and screw up our lives. God is giving us three chances to get it right because He is Awesome and because He Loves us. If you look at Retrogrades as a 'Do Over' then they will be much easier to handle because you will be looking for how you can do something better the second and third time around. So when the degrees pass over the first time, look at that time period closely to see what you will be repeating a second and third time in order to get it right before progressing forward. It's all Good!

Get your charts out and check the degrees where Saturn will impact your chart.

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Astrologers Say Everything Is Going To Change In January 2020, Here's Why

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April 17, - Retrograde. April 17, - Rx. May 1, - Rx. May 26, - Rx. June 11, - Rx. June 25, - Rx. July 9, - Rx. July 24, - Rx.

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August 13, - Rx. September 6, - Direct. April 29, - Retrograde. April 29, - Rx. May 25, - Rx. June 13, - Rx.

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    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020
    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020
    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020
    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020
    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020
    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020
    horoscopes january 23 2020 Horoscopes january 23 2020

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