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So in short fuck the people who disrespect after the first or second interaction. After the first encounter or maybe even before. I just met an incredibly beautiful pisces woman today and she gives me butterflies just thinking about her. I empathise with you as I was exactly in this situation 9 years ago. Due to family pressure, we let go of eachother. Even after so many years, we are not able to forget the love for eachother.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

Both of us have problems in our marriage and often wished we could rewind time. We have the capability to overcome a person as long as there is another person who will make you feel loved. After all they will always be part of our lives, cause Pisces are very family loving gentle people.

I must warn you, the pain is high, but can be handled. They are each your own. Yours matter as well as hers. If you love someone before unconditionally what really makes it change is your inabilities to communicate. Started dating a pisces man seens january and when we started dating,he told me about hes baby mama in the uk,shes gemini,i never knew he was planning to get married to her december,we were so connected,i love him with all my heart,i always chooses hes happiness first before mine,because am a pisces woman,he told me he has to get married to her because of hes child,but he doesnt love her,which is true,but i feel like dying right now because it hurts so bad,please what should i do.

Look for a man who really wants you and die for you. Tell him no he should not marry someone he does not love. He made a mistake with that other girl and its hers to deal with than her just putting that on him and making him come back. Stay with him and whatever you do. DO NOT let him go. We Pisces fall in love…. You two connected? Then trust him with everything you got. Any advice? Only you know the adventure to take her back on woo her otherwise close your eyes and remember that last time you connected oh so well and go there.

He is mar. I am single for lyfeeeee :ppp lolll lmaoo. Your email address will not be published.

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Toggle navigation. Like 2. Share this. E'Lisa September 29th, Even though our sexual part of the relationship was the greatest, for me, a relationship is not all about the sex part, a true fulfilling relationship is everything, including good communication, honest, trust, happiness and that forever bond… Like 0. Lizterh July 24th, Like 0.

Pisces Men and Romance, Love, and Sex

Thunderchief Lloyd November 17th, Just communicate and do so transparently and be understanding and give room for each other to Like 1. Serenity Love October 28th, Glynn May 27th, Lly May 29th, Rosa April 11th, Sietrix March 21st, Lexi December 4th, Bianca March 19th, Hi, I am a Pisces woman in love with a Pisces man. Sietrix April 18th, Dill-berry February 5th, I feel bad because i feel like i could have made us work but i was so drained that she wouldnt reflect my affection that i became really bitter Like 0.

I meet one pieces boy I meet him 1time but he never do any kind of conversation with me he says let relationship finalised usually he says my father visit home same office I should marry him or which sunsign I should marry a good match Like 1. Jada July 26th, Should I get over it and keep it moving? Skyzagp July 29th, Jack October 6th, So much love to you and all that you go through.

Jack Rheuport Like 1. February or March Pisces??? If its marriage then I would Like 0. Andrea J December 20th, What are your concerns, maybe I can assist Like 0. Sabrina Miller May 19th, Simon December 15th, Jacqueline March 21st, Can pisces get marry to pisces without problem in future. Happy73 May 19th, You are your own person only you can control that answer Like 0. Lilcrislyn April 30th, The Air Signs, namely Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are very chilled out and light-hearted folks, and do not like getting worked up about things. Highly imaginative and creative, these people like variety and keep exploring various options.

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    Pisces Compatibility

    Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Thus it becomes a complex situation when four individuals try to stay together in a relationship. Hence, the Pisces man Pisces woman love compatibility is an intricate association. Pisces are quite a hypersensitive sunsign, also very fragile and tender in its features. Though they are a very creative and artistic in nature they are really good at procastinating things because of their delicate and thoughful mindset that they exhibit.

    This sun sign is ruled by the planet of Neptune, the God of the Sea. This is considered to be the planet associated with motivation, dreaming, dissimulation, perplexity and it is also related to claivoyance and spiritual essence of enlightenment.

    The Beauty of a Pisces Man With a Capricorn Woman

    Neptune also plays a major role in deceving one self and also others which sometimes makes things worse for the both the male and the female Pisces. A Pisces male and Pisces female, both are quite kind-hearted, benign and humble, and do not trouble themselves with small issues. But if such a scene occurs, where they are too much troubled and harrased by a situation in life, they will just leave their complications right there without even considering the problems, just so they do not have to face it again.

    Even though there are some drawbacks in this combination of sun signs, the Pisces man Pisces woman compatibility have a good chance to survive in together in a Pisces relationship. There is natural affinity towards each other which they can instantly feel, which is a good sign for the Pisces man and Pisces woman love compatibility to thrive. Pisces Woman — Pisces Man pisces. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Categories aquarius aries cancer capricorn Featured gemini leo libra pisces sagittarius scorpio sextrology start here taurus Uncategorized virgo.

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    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    pisces female pisces man compatibility Pisces female pisces man compatibility
    Pisces female pisces man compatibility

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