White coral stone astrology

Why Brahma Gems ?

According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, it represents the planet of Mars which is regarded as a symbol of energy, ambition, vitality and blood circulation. Buy red coral rings online at best price for astrology and engagement rings. We can provide customized gemstone rings as per the customer requirements.

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Transparency: Opaque. Hardness: 3. Refractive: 1. Specific Gravity: 2. Density: 2.

White Coral Gemstones Online, White Coral Astrology

Birefringence: 0. Have a look at some of the top benefits of wearing red coral Moonga gemstone. Coral is termed to high quality if it appears identical to ripe wood plant or bale tree. The round, soft, long and non-transparent coral or Moonga is also stated as being the high-quality red coral stone. A red coral which is free of dark spot, inclusions and smudge are called to be original and best quality stone.

The color of original or real coral is vermilion or light red in color. As Coral is an opaque stone, so its surface finishes and Color mainly defines its quality. Day for wearing Coral: Tuesday. Metal for wearing Coral: Gold, Silver or Copper. Finger for wearing Coral: Ring Finger.

Why should you wear White Coral Stone?

This gem should be worn by the people who are looking for security, prosperity and enlightenment. Wearing white coral enhances relation between husband and wife.

It endow health, wealth and liesure. It decreases the negative energy and hence prevents its wearer from all the bad activities. The cost of the white coral is approximately rupees to rupees per carat. One should always cross check the purity of a gemstone before actually buying it. This material is an exoskeleton or outer shell, derived from marine Polyps. Also known by the name of Safed Moonga, this gemstone gives a rating of 3.

This semi precious gemstone has been used by humans since antiquity for decoration and benefiting themselves. Astrological Properties of White Coral As this gemstone possesses numerous transcendental properties, it has been used since ages for benefiting and healing people.

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The planet Mars signifies the strength, vigorous, ardor, sexuality, aggressiveness, anger and cruelty. The excellent gemstone is composed of 83 percent of calcium carbonate following iron and magnesium in small amount.

History of Coral Gems

The presence of the calcium makes this stone the first and foremost choice for bones and bones related diseases. The other health benefits of wearing white coral gemstone are as follows: The white coral gemstone is regarded to be the best gemstone by the astrologer to be worn to curb or disparate all the diseases related to blood.

The Top Ten White Coral Gemstone benefits | Whi

It is believed that if someone is suffering from the blood related disease. A short temper person may also avail this stone to control his emotions. This stone is known to deviate the negative energies of the stone toward positiveness.

white coral stone astrology White coral stone astrology
white coral stone astrology White coral stone astrology
white coral stone astrology White coral stone astrology
white coral stone astrology White coral stone astrology
white coral stone astrology White coral stone astrology

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